A parent’s most stressful time may be when their child gets their first license. Often there is good reason.

Young drivers are statistically the ones that cause the most damage to themselves and others which means their rates will be more expensive during this period than any other time. The very youngest pay the most with rates starting to decline slightly at age 19, then 21 and often get the final move to adult driver status at age 25.

Although the cost of your young driver’s insurance is the initial fear, the ultimate fear is injury to your young driver.

Before your teen gets started, have them take this quick quiz

(you should take it too)


There are lots of reasons teen drivers have accidents:

  • Speed and inexperience are major factors.
  • Distracted driving is another major reason. 


Have your, young driver take our Distracted Driving test. 

The cost of insurance for a young driver who is the main operator of an auto can be 3 times as much as their parent. Before you panic, there are ways to reduce the price, so call or email us for help.

Some things that help are:

  • Drivers training discount
  • Excellent driving record
  • Good grades (3.0 or better in most cases)