Manufacturers have several unique exposures to risk when compared to most other businesses.

The tsunami in Japan in 2011 brought one of these to the forefront. What do you do when your product is dependent on parts that come from a supplier who is no longer operating? Many American businesses faced just this challenge.

Sometimes, that risk is just the risk of being in business and you just can’t transfer that risk.

Sometimes, that risk can be transferred. The standard policy does not address that risk and often the failure by manufacturers to recognize and transer the risk can be a business-ending event.

Our risk management approach encourages dialogue to identify, analyze and prioritize these unique and often overlooked dangers facing manufactures.

Our agency principal, Steve Hall, has been deeply involved with the Volusia Manuacturer’s Association since 2004. Steve has twice served on the board of directors and was named Member of the Year.

East Coast Insurors’ involvement in the Volusia Manufacturer’s Association has deepened our understanding of manufacturers and their challenges. We are extremely proud of our relationship with this outstanding organization.