Health costs continue to rise rapidly. To allow your business to continue to offer the desired health program to your employees, we have several options available to our clients. Review the choices below to see which one is right for your business.

TRADITIONAL GROUP HEALTH (1 or more employees)

Plans offered include:

  • HMO, PPO and POS doctor options
  • Deductibles range from $250 to $10,000 per member for each calendar year
  • Physician and lab work co-pay options from $5 to $50 per visit
  • Prescription drug card co-pay options from $5 to $25 per prescription

CAPTIVE GROUP HEALTH (50 or more employees)

In a captive program, you actually own part of the insurance company. Your business buys stock (minimal cost) and has a say in the decisions of the direction of the insurance company. The excess profits are returned to you(owner) in the form of a dividend. Our captive has a solid history of paying dividends. Although dividends cannot be guaranteed or projected, we can show you our history of these returns. You will be impressed.

The benefits of our captive program are:

  • Control – You design the plan you want to offer, not the insurance company. Benefit levels are set by you and can vary by location and state.
  • Cost – Costs to our members have not increased in the last 3 years and increases well below the typical insurance company are anticipated in the near future. These savings are no accident and are directly related to our strong risk managment procedures (see below)
  • Providers - You pick the provider network you want, not the one the insurance company has ready for you. You may also access multiple networks to meet the needs of your employees
  • Stability – “A” rated insurance company.
  • Risk Management - Reducing costs by using Wellness Programs, Early Pregnancy Detection and Utilization Management
  • Professional Management - You don’t have to be knowledgeable about insurance. The program adminstrator has the expertise. You reap the benefits.
  • Bottom Line – The improved cash flow and cost reduction will directly benefit your bottom line.

If you are tired or seeing your health premium increase every year or if you would like more control of your health program, you will be excited by this program.